Thunder Moon Candle

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This limited quantity batch of candles was poured and charged with positive intention under the Thunder Moon on July 23, 2021. The full moon that takes place in July is called the Thunder Moon due to all the summer storms during the month. Some may also refer to it as the Buck Moon because the male bucks who shed their antlers begin to regrow them in July. Thunder and lightning symbolize creative power and the art of creation. Our Thunder Moon candle will help you live your most creative and authentic life. The yellow color of candle is for abundance and joy, enhancing networking skills, and bringing in new career opportunities. Even if you just sit this candle on your desk as a decorative piece. Thunder Moon is a fragrance that consists of roses, oakmoss, and amber. MTN RD fragrances are free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in other fragrances. - Rose is known to increase courage, induce prophetic dreams, bless your home, fertility, healing, and attracts love. - Oakmoss is great for money and attraction. - Amber is known for love, comfort, happiness, and healing. These candles are decorated with Agate, Moss Agate & Lazuli. Agate is stabilizing, supports courage, reduces stress, improves concentration, healing, encourages positivity, uplifting. Moss Agate grounds you, stimulates creativity, aids in abundance and prosperity, brings you strength and courage. Lazuli offers protection, teaches mindfulness and self-awareness, encourages honest expression and compassion, and is a relationship builder. The symbol on label is called the Flower of Life. All geometric forms can be found within this symbol. It symbolizes creation and reminds us the unity of everything; we are all built from the same blueprint. Many believe the symbol shows the basic design of everything in life, from an atom’s configuration to the basis of every life form and thing in existence. The Flower of Life provides enlightenment to those who study the symbol and its perfect form.
Natural Soy & Coconut Blend
Crackling Wooden Wick
Net Weight:
11 Ounces (312 Grams)
Infused With Natural Essential Oils:
patchouli, sage, lavandin, and orange.
Estimated Burn Time:
50 Hours


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    ThunderMoon crystal candle

    Posted by gab schef on Jul 30th 2021

    Absolutely the best smelling candle I’ve ever bought. Would definitely recommend to everyone!